Designing an more intuitive and user-friendly mobile payments app


Project type

Assigned Project, Solo

My Responsibilities

User Research, Feature definition, UX design, Branding, UX writing, UI/Interaction design


April 2021 (3 weeks)

Project Overview

The Brief

Design a mobile wallet application wherein potential wallet users will be onboarded easily and conveniently in the app and start using the service of this digital payments app. It should facilitate users to and quickly can make the payment in secure environment to a merchant wallet or account through QR code/UPI/number to number

The Goals

A fin-tech company wants to break into mobile payments market. In a market already so crowded, the product needs to stand out where better UX would be one of its differentiation. The company wants to focus on niche first and serve them better to grab a portion of market first to grow further.

Where do people use Digital payments services?

What does the market look like?

1) Pay money to merchant/seller

2) Transfer money to friends/relatives.,

3) Pay recurring bills


Retail stores, Restaurants, Roadside stalls, Cabs


Online payments, Fund transfers, Paying bills


Prospective users

Mapping the user's journey


Payment through Phone no.

Payment through QR code

Understanding the users


Teenagers, Young adults, Tech-savvy middle aged adults


Visually impaired, People with challenged limbs, Tech-illiterate, Children

Feature set


Features & Prioritization

Based on the insights from research, defined the opportunities where the product could improve UX, and hence, achieve business goals

Quicker, easier and intuitive process to make payments

- Continuous visual feedback of the expenses

- Variety of options for payment methods

- Inclusive design for accessibility and ease of use to extreme users like visually impaired, people with challenged limbs, technophobic users, children

- Voice input options for making payments seamlessly (by specifying username, amount of money, purpose, etc)

- Face id, fingerprint id for authentication

- Auditory feedback for hands-free use

- Offering multiple language options

QR payments

Phone no. payments

Recurring bill payments

Request payments and chat

Payment methods

Track and control expenses

Transaction history

Laying out the information architecture

Wireframing the experience


Creating a Brand identity

User Interface

splash screen
Onboarding carousel

The app opens up to a bold splash screen flashing the logo of finz and ensuring safety on the app. This is followed by option to choose from multiple language option

User then follows an onoarding carousel that illustrates the features and working of app quickly

Nearby people
Services page
User transaction

Home page contains direct access to qr code scanner as well as search bar, to facilitate super easy quick access while in hurry. The draggable card in bottom cab be dragged up to view all the recent, frequent and nearby people/merchants.

Tapping on the nearby option on home page shows user all the finz users near them, who user could possibly be willing to transact with. User can then choose from among the options

Services page contains a gateway to all the services provided by Finz and which user may be wanting to subscribe to. It also shows all the services currently subscribed by user through Finz.

User transaction flow is designed such that it could encompass all important features,while still maintaining the simplicity of experience. The transactions are divided into simply 2 options which are pay and request money, as opposed to many payment products where request option is often hidden.

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